Selecting The Best Makeup For You

 Depending on your tastes and how you enjoy engaging with your own beauty regimen, makeup may play a heavy or limited role in your life. It can always be nice to have some on hand, however, just to help you feel your best when you need it, or perhaps to conceal the effects of a big night out when attending work in the morning.

The truth is that makeup is anything you want it to be, and can be a huge moral booster when you need it. Thankfully, whether you want to go barefaced, wear a little or the full face, all are fine, it's personal choice.

That said, there are so many brands out there, and so many different products, it can be hard to know where to begin. How can you select the best makeup for your own needs? In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures, no matter if you’re looking for a beautiful eye shadow palette or a set of full coverage concealer.

Your Skin Tone

Of course, the kind of foundation you may wish to wear can depend on your particular skin tone. It’s shameful that until recently those with darker skin weren’t given equal access to the right foundational shades. Thankfully, that has changed now, with foundations such as those provided by Rihanna’s makeup line matching all kind of tones, celebrating diversity, including those who may have unique skin conditions like vitiligo, championed by the real beauty of Winnie Harlow. Matching the right shading of makeup to you can help you build a matching base, which permits you to express yourself from then on.

How You Express Yourself

But how can you express yourself? It might be that depending on the season and the mood you’re in or the event you are attending, use makeup to help showcase who you are. For a daytime look a soft toned natural makeup look is my go to, for evening I or photoshoots I often use a fuller coverage foundation, stronger eyeshadow and liner, and even small visual additions like stars, beauty spots, and other nuances to provide unique visual flair. Knowing your purpose in this way can help you decide on the kind of products you buy.

The Principles You Abide By

It’s also good to consider the kind of principles you wish to support and appreciate. For instance, cruelty free or vegan makeup can show that the developer has put time and effort into thinking about the ethical cost of their product. For others, it might be that the diversity presented in the makeup line, approaching women of all walks of life, could be a great initiative to support. Others may focus on sustainability and environmental effects. Some may focus on them all. 

These principles can help you more readily vote with your wallet and ensure the best principles of product design are sustained into the future. The more people do this, the better ethical treatment we can expect.

Whatever makeup look you prefer, have fun with it and embrace your creativity.


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