Oops, I Swallowed My Metal Braces Bracket! Video Diary Update.

Happy Bank Holiday lovelies!

It's been an eventful weekend here on the braces front, I accidentally ate one of my metal brace brackets eeek!

I've been wearing my Six Month Smile adult braces for 2 weeks now and it was all going surprisingly well...famous last words! Last night a cheeky late night snack of cheese on toast caught me out and one of my back brackets came loose. Before I could react I'd swallowed the little critter. Late night on a Bank Holiday weekend and there's not much chance of getting hold of the dentist, so I had to Google if I'd committed a fatal error.... Luckily it seems it's a fairly common mishap in the early weeks and if you let nature takes it's course, the offending bracket should work it's own way out, if you know what I mean!

Check out my unscheduled video diary entry, and I'll do an update once I've visited the dentist later this week, that's if I'm still alive to tell the tale!


Unknown said…
Hello! I've recently just gotten my Six Month Smile braces and I was wondering how long it took you to get used to them? I've been really struggling with talking, I get so tired easily from it because of how much effort I have to make to just move my jaw and it doesn't seem to be improving! I've only had mine for 4 days though. I also have the bite guards on my back teeth to stop me from biting down on my teeth making it so hard for me to eat, did you have that problem too?
Wag Doll said…
Aw in so sorry to hear you're struggling with your braces. To be honest it took me about a week to get used to them and be able to speak properly. My cheeks were really sore from the wires and brackets rubbing. But they're fine now. I think most adapt pretty quickly. I still struggle with food though as my bite is practically non existent. My back teeth don't meet as the backers get in the way. So I try and stick to soft foods like spag bol, soup, lasagne, curry, mashed potatoes etc. If you're stuck struggling after a week I'd mention it to your dentist. Good luck! Xx
Wag Doll said…
Apologies for the typos. On my phone xx

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