Push Ups Part 2 - Advanced Variations

A couple of days ago I wrote about why I love push-ups (or press-ups as they're also known) and how to do them if you are a beginner, in my blog post & video 'Push-ups part 1'.

So once you've mastered the push-up try some advanced variations, which will help give you an amazing lean and toned beach-body look!

These exercises will challenge you and work extra muscle groups, so here are my top 7 advanced push-ups.

  • Close Grip Push-up - placing your hands closer together straight under your chest puts more emphasis on your triceps (goodbye bingo wings!).  Lower yourself down as far as you can while keeping your elbows close to your body. The closer your hands are together the harder the exercise, the ultimate aim being a 'Diamond press up' where your index fingers and thumbs touch in a diamond shape.
  • Spiderman Push-up - named because you look like Spiderman crawling up a wall! Get into the standard push-up position, lower yourself down bringing your right knee up sideways to touch your right elbow, push back up and repeat on the left side. This push-up targets your chest, shoulders and also your obliques to trim that waist. 
  • Balance Push-up - do a standard push-up, but as you return to the plank position extend your left arm and right leg out for a brief count. Repeat extending the opposite arm & leg.. This push-up really targets your whole body as your core, legs and shoulders have to work extra hard to keep you from falling over...wobble wobble!
  • Rotational Push-up - complete a standard push-up, and from the plank position twist your torso and raise your left hand to point to the ceiling, so your body looks like a 'T' shape, hold for a count and repeat on the other side. The rotation targets your core for an intense ab workout.
  • Decline Push-up - by placing your feet on a box or stepper you shift the emphasis of the move to target your upper chest and the front of your shoulder muscles (anterior deltoids). Ladies (and gents) this is the one to do if you want that nice little definition line between your shoulders and arms. 
  • One Hand Elevated Push-up - Place one hand on a stepper or box and lower yourself into the push-up, complete a set of reps before walking with your hands over the box and completing your set with the opposite side. This push-up allows you to descend deeper into the move on the elevated side working your chest and shoulders.
  • Incline Walking Push-up - Similar to one handed elevated push-up above, start with one hand on a box or stepper, complete a push-up and walk with your hands over the box to complete your next push-up on the other side, continue walking back and forth. The increased amount of 'hand walking' in this move really targets the shoulders and chest, plus your core gets a great workout as you try and balance your body.

So there are 7 of my favourite push-up variations to keep challenging yourself and improving your strength. If you work at these exercises they really will help build lean and toned muscles. 

I have great fun filming my fitness videos and hope you enjoy watching them, be sure to watch right until the end of this one for a couple of out-takes. I might be fairly good at press-ups but I'm a wimp with a clapperboard! And the Video Director is under the impression I'm much stronger than I really am! 


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Great vid, hope there is more on youtube from you, i will have a look.


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