The Wag Doll Protocol: Video of Shoulder Sculpt Workout Using A Tyre!!

Hope everyone is having a good week, here in the UK we've just celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with 2 days public holiday, a whole 4 days off to spend some quality time with friends and family.

In between wearing my Jubilee inspired shoes I managed a couple of cheeky workouts. I didn't have time to get to the gym but luckily I have a small space in our very cluttered garage that I can use for exercise.

The area in the garage is matted and over the years we've amassed a treadmill, stepper, wall bar, boxing bag and some weights. But really all you need is some space and a pair of trainers, that's the beauty of bodyweight exercises, you use your own weight to provide resistance and can workout anywhere.

For this routine I did 10 minutes cardio warm-up on the treadmill, I always run at an incline for extra leg workout. I then did 10x1 minute lower body and ab HIT bodyweight exercises.

Now at this point I thought I'd finished...but Mr Wag Doll had other ideas and offered to put me through a weighted shoulder workout. How could I refuse an offer like that?!

I did sets of various weighted exercises targeting the shoulders and finished off with a great exercise to really work the deltoid muscles using a tyre. Here's a video of me doing the last 2 sets of the shoulder press using a tyre.

You can see from the video how effective this exercise is at shaping the shoulders, it really targets and shapes the delts, particularly as I didn't count reps, just worked until I couldn't do any you can see!

Now I'm used to being at the gym and hearing the grunts and groans that people make when exercising, sometimes you've just got to give it all you've got and the only way to do that is to make some noise people!....but my sister did make me laugh when she watched the video, saying she dreads to think what the neighbours thought, with me groaning and Mr Wag Doll 's encouragement! Might have to think about soundproofing....

I got the tyre free from my local garage, so a big shout out to CY Autos! Most garages will be only too happy to donate a tyre for you to use, give it a wash and off you go.

The tyre shoulder press works so well because the weight is unstable, you have to control the tyre using your core as well as your upper body. Also, because you have to get your head through the centre, you aren't able to slump forward using chest muscles instead of shoulders. Throughout the exercise my core is tight and I'm mindful that my lower back isn't arching, which is good practice for pretty much all exercises.

If you're new to weights or upping the intensity of a weighted workout it's always good to have an experienced trainer to guide you, and also 'spot' you, that is watch your form and be ready to assist if the weight is too much and you can't complete the movement.

I hope that inspired you to have a go and think outside the box when it comes to weights. I'd just like to add as a final note that the filming was totally unplanned...I'd have had a spray tan and good tidy up if I'd have known!


edmahoo said…
Happy to help Wag Doll, you've worked really hard at and i can see the results.
The Last Slayer said…
Great workout and video Bridgit. Love the idea of using a tyre. I've been using kettlebells and resistance bands in my HIT workouts and found the whole "feel" of the workout (and the way your body responds to it) is different when you use something weighted that isn't a dumbbell. Am enjoying the video clips - finding them very inspiring. Keep up the fantastic work! :-)
Wag Doll said…
Thanks Missis! Glad your enjoying the video clips, it's hard to describe exercises and just seems easier to 'show' them. Def want to get some resistance bands, like you say the progress is so much quicker with weighted and resistance workouts. Loving your work too :-) x

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